Our Cessna 172XP, N210HK, is a 210hp (high performance) aircraft that features the following:

  • Lycoming IO-360-KB engine with the Isham conversion

  • Constant speed propeller 

  • UV Solar Gray windshields and windows- the modern technology used in the plastic, blocks all of the UVB, over 99% of the UVA radiation, and 30% more Near Infrared radiation (heat) than standard tints. With less UV and IR radiation, occupants are less likely to suffer sun-related skin and eye damage

  • Precise- Flow Air Vents

  • JPI EDM 700

  • Garmin 430 GPS

  • S-Tec 30 auto-pilot with altitude hold

  • GPS Steering

  • PS Engineering 3000 Stereo Intercom. It features the  pilot/crew/all isolation modes, an auxiliary input for music, and a "play" button that can be pushed to hear up to 16 messages

  • Garmin GTX 327 Transponder that includes automatic airborne determination

  • $170/hour (fuel included with no surcharge)

  • Note: rental rate includes the use of 4 noise cancelling headsets

Administrative Documents:
N210HK Cockpit
Learn How to Lean with the JPI EDM 700:
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Quicktime Required
Additional Resources:
JPI EDM 700 Engine Data Management
Producer: Craig Peyton, EarthFlight.com

N210HK Rental Rate:
(650) 520-5915
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